Content of the Curriculum

When dealing with content I focus first on one fact:  “All truth is God’s Truth… truth in all fields stems from him.”(Knight, 1989. p 206) God reveals his truths in all subjects, not just religion. When looking at curriculum it is important to realize that knowledge can come from God even if not actually discussed by God in scripture. Since we are dealing with a unified whole of all truth, integration of Christianity and academic subjects occurs naturally and should not be forced. Knowledge sources are complimentary as should the curriculum in order to develop the whole person, including the body and the soul. Art shows what lies in the heart. Sports ministers to the body. However, critical thinking is the most important part of the curriculum for a student. The ability to analyze information and form an opinion about it is a critical life skill necessary for success. This is necessary in order to restore imago dei. Christian Aesthetics should balance the tension between showing good and evil since this struggle is a part of life.