Social Function of School

The first social function of the school is to pass on the legacy of Christianity. In pursuing that goal students should develop other-centeredness or selflessness following Christ’s “Great Commandment” to love one another. The school should provide a framework for students to serve others demonstrating agape love. The school should also build in the student a character of personal responsibility. The school should have strict rules of conduct. I believe this helps students to be better citizens of the world and will move
them toward the ultimate goal – imago dei.

I value experiences and anything that can bring me closer to truth and God. All sources of knowledge and experience are complimentary. They all lead to the truth. These experiences exist in art, religion, and science. Performing on stage, creating a work of art, attending a prayer service or discovering new laws of nature are all links to divine revelation. These are important experiences that bring us closer to the truth. As we live these experiences and discover the knowledge, we come closer so that when we die we will be ready for the final revelation and become reunited with God, with the Image of God.