James and The Giant Peach Rehearsals are underway!

Here is the schedule for January. I know that some of you have conflicts with Winter sports so please be as communicative with me as possible to keep up with the work. 

Day        Date    Time               What    Who


Mon    9th     3:30 -5:30    Music      All available

Tues    10th    3:30-5:45    Dance    All available

Mon    16th    MLK Holiday

Tues     17th    3:30-4:45    Dance    All available

Wed     18th    3:30 - 5:30    Music    All available

Mon     23rd    3:30 - 5:30    Music    All available

Tues     24th    3:30-4:45    Dance    All available

Mon      30th    3:30 -5:30    Music    All available

Tues     31st    3:30-5:30    Dance    All available