Cast Annonuced

Congratulations to the  Cast of James and The Giant Peach Jr

Thank you all for auditioning.

Our first rehearsal will be, Monday November 28th , in the Music Room from 3:30 – 5:30. All Cast Members must attend.

Forms, schedules and Contracts are available for download here on my website and in my classroom.  The music for the show is on My website as well as some of the choreography videos.  The Cast Fee covering the cost of the performance rights and costumes is $100. 

If you would like to take a script home with you Monday Bring your Cast fee with You. 


Please return this fee and forms by December2.  

Make all checks payable to Troupe 88376.


Crew Days will Start in January 

Ladahlord Stefan Miller

James Abby Penny

Ladybug Kayla James

Grasshopper Nathan Pando

Spider Kaila Imada

Earthworm Isai Palomares

Centipede Nick Kolesnikow

Spiker Dana Badii

Sponge Allison Waechter

Matron Nurse Claire Gerold

Mr. Trotter Cameron Keltie

Mrs. Trotter Shaunael Milton

Rhino (puppet) Nyah Fernandez

Karl Kreatour Joshua Hurst

Passing Man Kenny Funsten

Man (with wallet) Tristan Sanchez

Passing Woman Nyah Fernandez

Billy Bobby-Cop Jonah Zimmerman

Bobby Bobby-Cop Cameron Keltie

Doreen Driggles Ava Osborn

Violet Funkschmeller Isabella Marchiondo

Ridgley Rapscallion Paisley Epps

Chris Cryermouth Tristan Sanchez

Male Spider (puppet) Nyah Fernandez

Ida Walters Fiona Clancy

Bitsy Botana Claire Norcross

Buzz Joshua Hurst

Willy Wonka Kenny Funsten

Screaming Woman TBD

Jake Emma Penny

Joe Kenny Funsten

Lucille Van Kooglestein Lynae Munoz

Bunny Mackenzie the Third Shaunael Milton

Zoo Crowd, Vagrants, Ladies’ Garden Guild, Garden Chorus, Hollywood Agents, Reporters, Angry Crowd, Oompa-Loompas, Farm Animals, Sharks, Seagulls, Cruise Ensemble, New Yorkers:

Ava Osborn

Cameron Keltie

Claire Gerold

Claire Norcross

Emma Penny

Fiona Clancy

Isabella Marchiondo

Jonah Zimmerman

Joshua Hurst

Joshua Hurst

Kenny Funsten

Lynae Munuz

Nyah Fernandez

Paisley Epps

Shaunael Milton

Shaunael Milton

Tristan Sanchez