New School Musical Announced - Finding Nemo

Nemo logo.jpg

After careful consideration and a lot of prayerful reflection We have decided to change our All-School Musical. While we are sad at having to postpone, We are equally excited and energized at presenting Finding Nemo. This is based on a presentation we workshopped a few summers ago. Performances are February 27th &28th 2014 So MARK YOUR CALENDARS This will definitely be one not to miss. 

Marlin Parker Sulcer
Coral Ally Lunich
Nemo Ameila Priestley
Bob (Seahorse) Jacob Lesny
Ted (Fish) Parker Gray
Bill (Octopus) Robert Wiles
Pearl (Octopus) Maitland Klingberg
Tad (Fish) Payton Fisk
Sheldon (Seahorse) Kaila Imada
Fish Mom Lucie Sinsky
Fish Kids 
Kate Kirkland 
Alero Soaris
Allison Waechter
Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller
Veronica Cope
Kayla James
Bellamy Suter
Abigail Wiseman
Crab Kid Georgia Kelsey
Mrs. RayGrace Panosian
Dory Kelsy Gomez
Bruce Parker Gray
Anchor Robert Wiles
Chum Grant O’Leary
Fish Friends
Abigail Wiseman
Bellamy Suter
Gill Ally Lunich
Peach Alexis Clancy
Deb Kaitlyn Barnhart
Bloat Jacob Lesny
Bubbles Delaney Gordon
Gurgle Grant O’Leary
Jaques Allison Waechter
Nigel Lucie Sinsky
Moonfish Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller    
Crush Liam Landon
Squirt Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller
Octopus Mom Kendra Thornburgh-Mueller
Octopus Baby Alero Soaris
Lobster 1 Kate Kirkland
Lobster 2 Veronica Cope
Swordfish 1 Ariel Finch
Swordfish 2 Lucie Sinsky
Penguin 1 Georgia Kelsey
Penguin 2 Kayla James
Various Fish, Plants, Jellyfish, Sharks
Sophia Faraci
Grace Dieveney
Alexandra O’Leary
Ava Osborn
Bella Durso
Eva Sulcer
Maya Hall
Zea Ishimoto
Alexa Crothers