Further Adventures of Nick Tickle Fairytale Detective has successful run!

Everyone’s favorite gumshoe is back with another thrilling adventure! Old Granny Possum is entertaining us with her slightly irregular version of “Snow White and Just the Two Very Tall Dwarves” when she’s kidnapped by Bluebeard and his band of scurvy pirates! Thank goodness Nick Tickle has been hired to get her back. Can he outwit the kidnappers and save her or is she gone for good? He’ll need any help he can get with this tough case - fortunately, Puss In Boots is ready to lend a paw to help Nick question the pirates. Will Rumplestiltskin and Mrs. Stiltskin be of any help and if so, will Nick have to give them a baby? Why has the Fairy Godmother turned Cinderella into a cow? Can the evil Queen Cupcake convince the Magic Mirror that rapping is not an acceptable form of delivering royal proclamations? We can only hope.


The cast includes:

Kaiya Crawford, Olivia Cummings, Uzo Biosah, Katie Kaufman, 
Ben Matsunaga, Sarah Greta, Liz Hook, Kamran Khan, Ben Matsunaga,  
Drew Deason, ChasiriSherron, Pooja Singh, Star Masterton, Kaitlyn Greta, and Aycka Lima.