7th Grade-Candy is Dandy

To explore how spreadsheets can help us analyze data, we are going to do an experiment.  

1. Question: Do you think bags of equal weight will have an identical number of candies? Do You Think The Color Distribution will be equal?

2. Research: See if anyone else has researched this. Inform yourself to make an educated guess.

3. Create your Hypothesis and post it to the class by the reply button on the original assignment in edmodo.

4. Test Your Hypothesis by purchasing 4 bags of m&m's equal weight and the same type. (Caution do not get 1/2 lb or "sharable" size bags.

5. Open Each bag and record the total number of m&m's, and the total for each color. Post this information in the shared spreadsheet for the class. 

6. Enter this information into a spreadsheet and analyze your data. Find the average color for each bag, and the color distribution by bag. (You will have two charts)

7. Compare your data with some one else's data. (three more charts) 

8. Report your findings. Create a Keynote presentation to explain your findings and the conclusion you draw from your findings. You should include your procedure, the steps you took to analyze and any information that you discovered in your research. Post this report and your spreadsheet to the turn it in Button on this assignment  in edmodo.

Here is the link to the shared spreadsheet