Week of June 4th

6th Grade - Newspaper Project

Write 3 articles as if you are living in Ancient China. These should be 350 - 500 words in length.

Your Three articles can be any of the types we discussed in class:

  •  Headlines or Breaking News (stuff that happened today and might not be interesting in two weeks
  • Feature Stories like interviews or non time sensitve stories that retain their interest over time.
  • Other types such as Fashion, Real Estate, Politics, Sports, Religion

You will turn your articles in to the shared folder named Ancient China Newspaper on Oberon. Make sure that your name is on your document and you title it with the name of the article. 

Once you have your three articles written you will create your own newspaper using a newsletter template in Pages. You must include your three articles plus tree others form the Ancient China Newspaper folder on Oberon. Make sure that you give credit to the author of the articles in a byline. 

You must create one ad for your newspaper. if you wish you can share that advertisement with others in the shared folder. You may also use any ads that are placed there.

You may add extra sections like comics, crossword, sudoku, or horoscope if you wish. 

When your layout is finished turn your newspaper in on Titania. Name it Newspaper.your Number. Your Last Name and turn it into your class folder.

7th Grade

You may play the games linked on the sidebar to the right. Only the games on this site.

For Extra Credit you may create a superhero. 


  1. Download the male or female character template to your computer. 
  2. Open that file in ScetchBook Express (Right click on the file and choose open with)
  3. Draw and color your superhero in ScetchBook Express
  4. Print your Superhero
  5. On the back of the paper create an origin story for your superhero.

Male Superhero Template

Female Superhero Template