May 1st

7th Grade

Month 10-Performance Review

Performance Review - it is time for your annual performance review. Play odds and evens to find your result

Odds - You get a favorable performance review at work and receive a raise. Add 10%to your salary for the rest of the year.

Evens - You get an unfavorable performance review at work and receive probation. You must attend training classes on saturdays for the next month.


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Month 9 -Sick!

You have a sore throat and go to see the doctor. Pay a $10 copay and use the number generator to see if you get odds or evens.

odds - You have a cold. Get some rest and miss 1 day of work.

evens - You have strep throat. Pay $25 dollars for prescription

Second Opinion

If you would like to go for a second opinion play odds & evens again

odds - You have a cold not strep throat pay another $10 copay

evens - You have tonsillitis. You must have them taken out. It will cost $250 plus you will miss four days of work. 

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If you have a car or motorcycle pay $30 for an oil change