Periodic Table of Me - 6th Grade

You are creating a Periodic Table Element describing yourself. Download the example to see how to create your element. 

Download the teplate and exaple from edmodo. turn it in there when you are done.

These are the numbers you will need: 
1. Atomic number: Your birth day added to your birth month 
2. Your Current Age 
3. Number of people in your immediate Family 
4. Period you have Science 
5. Atomic mass: Your Birth month ,day, and year 
Element Name: A one word description of your name or Personality. “Latinize” your name (Tennisonium) - Soccerus 
“Latinizing Tips” 
If your name has a Latin origin (like Justin) or it ends in almost any consonant, just add  –us (or –arius) to the end.  Ex: Justinus 
Drop any silent letters (h as in Jonah, e on the end as in Nate, etc.). 
Some Bible names end in –as: Jonas (for Jonah), Andreas (Andrew) because they are influenced by Greek (Andreas IS Greek in origin, in fact, and means “manly”). 
If your name ends in an ie as in Scottie or y as in Bobby sound, change the end to –ius.  Ex: Scottius, Bobbius.  Replace this sound with an i in the middle of your name, too. 
IIf your name has a fairly straightforward meaning, use the Latin-English dictionary to see what the Latin equivalent will be.  Ex: Hunter = Venator 
-or, -er, -is, and –o are acceptable Latin endings. 
Some letters and sounds are not found in Latin and need to be changed to the typical Latin spelling: 
Change –ai- or ay as in tailor/Taylor to –e-. Ex: Taylor = Telorus 
Change w to v. 
Change j or y acting as a consonant to i. Ex: John becomes Ioannes 
Change a y acting as a long i  to ae.  Ex: Tyler becomes Taelerus 
Element Symbol (1 or 2 letters 1st Capitalized 2nd lowercase