Week of January 30th


6th Grade

I action verb project.  Click on this link to download the template

1. take a photo in front of the green screen.

2. drag it to pages

3. use instant Alpha under Format:Instant Alpha to take out the background

4. use view: adjust image to turn the image into a silhouette 

5. print on a colored page.

7th Grade


You need to bring in 4 bags of M&m's. You should be using the regular bags or king size bags and not any seasonal variety like holiday or Valentines

Questions - combine your speadsheet and results in a keynote to explain your findings. Make sure you address all the questions below. Look to see if others have done similar research that either supports or contradicts your findings.

Compare your results with you initial hypothesis. Was your prediction correct? 

Are some colors more numerous?

Do all bags have the same number of candies? What could explain this. 

Why do you think some bags have more of one color or another?

Compare your observations with the findings of students in other groups. Are the same colors more numerous from one group to another?

Is color distribution consistent in bags of differing weights?