Week of May 16th

Performing Arts Day This Wednesday


6th Grade

Scratch Project (due June 2)

Use iWeb to recreate your Catalina Journal

7th Grade

Month 8- Mid-East Oil Crisis

Political tensions in the Middle East are driving up the wholesale price of oil. The price for Gas has gone up $1.00 / Gallon. Adjust your transportation budget accordingly($50 minimum) for August, September, and October.

Public transportation gets a 10% fare increase through December as well. So increase your cost for the rest of the year.

Month 7 -Speeeding Ticket/Jay Walking Ticket

If you do not have a car you have a $100 jay walking ticket

If you drive you have a speeding ticket You have three options
Option 1: Pay it - If you choose to pay, it costs $300 plus your car insurance goes up 10%
Option 2: Traffic School - You must pay your $300 ticket and pay $100 for traffic School, but your insurance does not go up.
Option 3: Fight it - To fight it you must play odds and evens with the number generator.

    Odds - You lose! It costs you $300 plus $150 penalty assessment and your car insurance goes up 10%. You miss 1 day of work
    Evens - You win! You just miss a day of work.

Click Here for Odds or Evens

Month 6- My Best Friend's Wedding

Your college roommate is getting married and you are the Maid of Honor / Best Man. It is your responsibility to throw the Shower/ Bachelor Party

Maid of Honor - You have the following expenses:

   1.    $200 for the dress
   2.    $100 for shoes
   3.    $100 for your hair and nails
   4.      $50 for a gift
   5.      $50 for the shower

Best Man - You have the following expenses:

   1. $125 for the tux rental
   2. $  50 for a gift
   3. $500 for bachelor party golf game

If you have a car or motorcycle pay $30 for an oil change