Week of March 21st


6th Grade 

Newspaper project:

You are the editor-in-chief of your own newspaper. Your job is to write the articles and do the layout for your newspaper. Your newspaper is set in ancient egypt in one of the three time periods you studied in Social Studies.

Step 1. Create your content. This Part should be completed by Thursday March 24th

You need to write articles for the following sections:

  • Headline Story
  • Feature Article
  • 2 Editorial
  • 2 Letters to the Editor
  • 2 “other” sections
  • 2 Advertisements
  • 2 Classified

All of these sections are set in Ancient Egypt.

Step 2. Get Content from one or more people in class. (make sure you check their spelling, punctuation, & grammar). You need the following:

  • 2 Editorial
  • 2 Letters to Editor
  • 2 “other” sections
  • 2 Advertisements
  • 2 Classified

Step 3. Layout and design of your newspaper. Remember to continue articles on other pages to direct people to ads.

7th Grade

Budget Project

Step 1.


  • Find your job, apartment, & transportation.
  • Start your budget spreadsheet in numbers. 
  • Add your PEM information, Grocery list and other info to your spreadsheet
  • Remember to save everything as a PDF file so you have verification of all your expenses.
  • File:Print:PDF:Save as PDF choose your thumb drive or a local folder.
  • remember to keep two copies of your work so you do not lose it.



6th- Memorize your poem