Role of The Teacher

The Role of the teacher is primarily one of ministry. Teachers should be “Expounders of truth… who have an abiding care for [their students.]” (Knight,1989. p 195) Knight suggests the “Lost” parables are particularly relevant to the role of teacher. (p 196) The teacher is the one who seeks and attempts to save that which is lost, to become an agent of salvation. It is the duty of the teacher to live in harmony with God, continue developing mentally, and to maintain physical health and balance in life. It is also for the role of the teacher to include companionship in work and play with students.

Educational Philosophy

My Philosophy of Education is formed out of my personal philosophy of life and certain revelations about truth and the nature of the universe. These revelations are “All truth is God’s truth.” (Gaebelein, 1968. p 20) The Universe by nature is in a constant state of tension, just as the forces of evil in the world are in constant tension with scripture. “Humans are in a constant tension between the desire to do good and the
inclination toward evil.” (Knight, 1989. p 190)

Since my philosophy of life is such an integral part of who I am, any discussion of my educational philosophy must begin there.